Amputee and War Wounded Camp

Micro-finance programs for community development

During the devastating war (1992-2002) in Sierra Leone, the rebels terrorized citizens of this West African country by cutting off hands, arms, and legs. This happened to people of all ages. Despite losing their hands or legs the people of Sierra Leone did not lose their spirit.

Today, SEED manages a micro-finance program for the Amputee and War Wounded Association in Kabala. In 2007 almost all of the residents of the local amputee camp were beggars. Within one year, after receiving micro loans, no one was begging any more. They had all started small business, buying and selling food goods, small shops, tailoring, weaving, or started their own farm (large garden). The men and women are incredibly enthusiastic about the loans that have helped them start and improve their businesses in weaving, trade stores (a small shop) and agriculture. These micro-loans and income generation projects work with a small number of people in a way that contributes to development in the community at large.

Nar Sarah Clinic also provides health care for residences of the Amputee and War Wounded Camp. Scholarships for children are awarded to primary and secondary schools. The beginnings of theĀ Scholarship of Hope program was for children in this camp.

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