Scholarship Programs

Help for all education levels

Scholarship of Hope

A scholarship program was set up to assist the children of residents at the Amputee and War Wounded Camp in Kabala. Many camps were built in the country to repatriate citizens after the Rebel War from 1991 to 2002. The program expanded to include children of Nar Sarah staff. It now provided scholarship fund for over 100 students. The scholarship amount is $50 for Primary Schools and $110 for Secondary Schools. Applications are completed by hopeful students and families. The applications are reviewed by local staff who award or reject the applications. An attempt is made to connect the applicants with donors in the U.S. The goal is for donors to follow the scholar all the way through secondary school. This program is always searching for donors as the needs are immense. The size of the program is only restricted because of difficulties in managing it.

Post High School Special Scholarships

Serving Sierra Leone does not encourage or support promising students to leave Sierra Leone for their tertiary education. Scholarships will be given to selected promising students going to local universities, colleges, and training schools. Recipients are chosen privately and with input from donors, peers, and community members. Special Scholarships are also used to support special needs individuals seeking college and skill training. Funds are needed to provide the scholarships.